b'chicken accessoriessideways sidewayssipper sipperinsulated poultry waterwater cooler bucket(2.5 gallon)item 15041 item 150408 x 8 x 1214.5 x 14.5 x 15 mstr. 12 Mstr. 121.2 gallons 2.5 gallonsAdjustable legs Easily installed Hanging handle nipples includedno perch lid Convenient handing handlesideways sipper sideways sipper4 pchorizontal 5 pchorizontalwater nipples water nipplesw/ 4cm extension tubes item 15022 |Mstr. 72item 15023 |mstr. 72no leak design no leak designeasyeasy installationinstallation with detailedwith detailed insturctions insturctionsreduce fowl odorsCuts down the smell in your coop and reduces the number of ies pestering your ock. Too many ies cause stress on chickens, which can result in lower egg production. Less ies = happy chickens producing happy eggs!Coop-Control is also good for your soil, it has a low density and benets areas with dense soil by increasing drainage and aeration.easy to use:Sprinkle evenly across the coop to a depth no greater than 1/8.Replace when odors return. Use rate dependent on numbers ofchickens and amount of waste.coop control key benets:item 15015sprinkle in chicken pendry volume 1 gallon |mstr. 12to minimize odors 97% bio-based organic carbon safe for chickens to ingest 13'