b'bee keepers outfitfull body protection with multiple tool pockets is a standard for a beekeepers body protectionperfect head and neck protection when workingon the beehivenecessary hand and upper arm wear made fromgoat skin for dexterity and canvas for protectionjacketitem 18107,small11 x2 x 14.5mstr. 24 inr. 4*item 18108,med11 x2 x 14.5mstr. 24 inr. 4*item 18109, lrg11 x 2 x 14.5mstr. 24 inr. 4*jacket has thumb loops to secure sleeves for added safetygloves hat & veilitem 18110 item 1811111 x2 x 14.5 11 x2 x 10mstr. 24 inr. 4* mstr. 24 inr. 4*gloves are designedhat has hook and to securely griploop tape/fastener tools and provideas well as zipper protection up attachments for to the elbow maximum protection70'