b'matatabi cat toysMysterious Matatabi for Playtime Enchantment JoyWhy Cats Love ItThis potent plant can come in twigs, powder, and crushed leaves; it can be used to enhance play by putting it into toys the same way you would catnip. You can also sprinkle the powder or leaves on cat furniture, scratchers, or let the cats play with the sticks as a toy on their own. Cats will roll, rub, drool, lick, and play around in a such a way that it has been nicknamed the Matatabi Dance.E\x1fect lasts Elicits behaviors like5-30 ROLLINGRUBBINGLICKINGand moreO H CH 3 CH 3 2 CAT MOREOATTRACTINGH N COMPOUNDS Cats a\x1fectedCH 3 than with catnipH C3 matatabiseagrasscritteritem 109343 x 3 x 16.25mstr. 36 inr. 4*matatabicrazy critternatural EFFECTS LASTitem 10919seagrass5-30 minutesscratch roller4.5 x 1 x 25.5pleases paws mstr. 72 inr. 4*REACH fectedMore cats efthan with catnipencouragesextreme activity andREACTIONhealthymatatabi Elicits behaviors like rolling, rubbing, licking and moreexercise dried powderedberry powder fruit, t he mostEncouragesstimulateshealthy activityitem 17201 potent form of feline huntingPOTENCYContains two cat attracting compounds, making it more potent34.33 x 0.87 x 8.07 Matatabi Plush fur appeals instinctsthan catnip H CHsprinkle on scratchOmstr. 72* to feline hunting made withinstincts CH 3surfaces and toys ON Hmatatabi,CH 3H 3Ca naturalall you need is aLarge toy perfectattractant pinch of powder for kitty kicking68'