b'critter universe accessories home sweet homescritter universe connectorcritter universex-maze caps & rings elevatoritem 02251item 13085item 02255 5.25 x 4.25 x 5.254 x 1 x 8 4 x 7 x .5mstr. 24inr. 4* mstr. 72inr. 4* mstr. 24inr. 12*7 91611 13085 8provides easy entertains anduniversally fits access to the next challenges yourany Critterlevel of livingfurry friend Universe or other tubular system fits with or without navigate through c.u. the wall or a maze of caverns,prevents escapesavatower cubiclescubicles andwhen a tube is corners not connectedcorrugatedcritter x-mazeitem 12030 6.5 x 6.5 x 4.25mstr. 24*critter universeuniversal tunnels 3 pack 7 91611 12030 9item 02260Safe for small 2.5 x 2.5 x 8mstr. 12* animals to chewTwo piececonstruction creates a crawl through mazeuniversally connects with other modular systems and accessoriesanimal house cageanimal househamster studio home 16- 2-levelitem 1600016 x 12 x 15| mstr. 1*Top & Front Doorsfor Easy Accessstore toys and treats inthe accessory atticincludes solid surface saferunning wheel complete with stair step ramp, solid surface shelves, and chair shaped food dishwith 1/2 wire space Space for Storing Treats & Toys20'