b'premium +doghousessimple assemblywith only a screwdriver premium +doghousesitem 01700,small quality materials33.5" x 22.5" x 23"|mst. 1 tongue & groove sidingitem 01701,medium41" x 26" x 28"|mst. 1item 01702,large45.5" x 31" x 32.5" | mst. 1item 01702, largeperfectly sized for item 01701, medium retrievers, labradors perfectly sized forand other large dogshounds, spaniels and large terriers lift up rooftop for easy accesssolid wood constructionwaterproof shingle roofslant roof designitem 01700, small adjustable waterproof feetperfectly sized for toy breeds and terriers assembles in minutes with only a screwdriver premium+ door flapitem 01740 fits 01700 item 01742 fits 017019.5 x .25 x 14.5|mstr. 24 13 x .25 x 17.5|mstr. 24item 01743 fits 01702, 14070 attaches with 3 15.5 x .25 x 22.75|mstr. 24finger-twist screws keeps house warm, dry and draft free04'