b'matatabi cat toys bee hives & add-onsMysterious Matatabi for Playtime Enchantment JoyWhy Cats Love ItThis potent plant can come in twigs, powder, and crushed leaves; it can be used to enhance play by putting it into toys the same way you would catnip. You can also sprinkle the powder or leaves on cat furniture, scratchers, or let the cats play with the sticks as a toy on their own. Cats will roll, rub, drool, lick, and play around in a such a way that it has been nicknamed the Matatabi Dance.E\x1fect lasts Elicits behaviors like5-30 ROLLINGRUBBINGLICKINGand morematatabicrazy critterO H CH 3 CH 3 2 CAT MORE item 10919O 4.5 x 1 x 25.5ATTRACTING mstr. 72 inr. 4*H N COMPOUNDS Cats a\x1fectedCH 3 than with catnipH 3CEncouragesmatatabi natural seagrass scratchhealthy activityPlush fur appealsseagrass roller pleases paws to feline hunting critter encourages extremeinstincts item 10934 activity and healthyLarge toy perfect exercise3 x 3 x 16.25 for kitty kickingmstr. 36 inr. 4* stimulates feline huntinginstincts made with matatabi, a natural attractantmatatabiberry powder matatabiitem 17201 crazy4.33 x 0.87 x 8.07mstr. 72* critter tailitem 109242.5 x 1.5 x 10.5mstr. 72 inr. 4* dried powdered fruit,the most potent form of Matatabi Naturally sprinkle on scratch appealing plush surfaces and toys EFFECTS LAST5-30 minutes fur pounce toyall you need is apinch of powder Enhanced with REACH fectedMore cats ef Matatabi to than with catnipattract kittyREACTIONElicits behaviors like rolling, rubbing, licking and more72POTENCYContains two cat attracting compounds, making it more potent3than catnip H CHCH 3 OON HCH 3H 3C'